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Premium Polystyrene Products for Every Need

Your One-Stop Shop for Polystyrene Letters, Sculptures, Spheres, Blocks, and Sheets

Welcome to Fast Shield, where we bring your creative visions to life with our diverse range of polystyrene products. Whether you are in the market for Polystyrene Letters, Sculptures, Spheres, Blocks, or Sheets, we can turn your ideas into reality. Our passion for excellence is mirrored in the quality and precision of our products, making us the preferred choice for a myriad of polystyrene needs. With Fast Shield, you’re not just buying products; you’re investing in solutions that stand the test of time.

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Prompt Delivery: The Fast Shield Assurance

In a world where time is a priceless commodity, we at Fast Shield strive to honour your deadlines with our unwavering commitment to prompt delivery. Our motto, “Fastest delivery/collection. Don’t risk running late on your project,” isn’t just a catchy phrase—it’s a promise we live by. With our streamlined processes, we ensure your orders are processed and delivered swiftly, keeping your project on track and your mind at ease.

Eco-Conscious Excellence

Our journey doesn’t end with providing stellar polystyrene products; we are dedicated to being stewards of the environment. Our rigorous recycling initiatives significantly minimise waste, paving the way for a greener tomorrow. Our adherence to eco-friendly practices reduces our carbon footprint and reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainable business operations. At Fast Shield, we believe in delivering quality without compromising the planet.


Fast Shield was great to deal with and very helpful. They turned around some giant Ideal letters for the Ideal Home Show in days and delivered the perfectly executed letters bang on time! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Great Job!

– Justin Southgate

Polystyrene Letters:

  • Tailored to match your brand aesthetics
  • Ideal for events, exhibitions, and advertising campaigns
  • Lightweight, durable, and visually captivating

Transform your brand messaging into a visual spectacle with our customised Polystyrene Letters. Perfect for events, exhibitions, and advertising campaigns, these letters are meticulously crafted to mirror your brand aesthetics while ensuring durability and visual appeal.


  • Crafted with precision, embodying various forms, including popular Polystyrene Heads
  • Ideal for promotional events, theatres, artistic installations, and retail displays

Delve into the realm of artistic expression with our meticulously crafted sculptures. Our polystyrene heads, a popular choice, become a canvas for imagination, ideal for promotional events, theatres, artistic installations, and retail displays. Whether a bespoke sculpture or a classic polystyrene head, our creations are designed to captivate attention and evoke emotions, ensuring your message resonates with the audience.


  • Versatile and visually appealing
  • Ideal for educational, decorative, or promotional purposes

Discover a world of possibilities with our versatile polystyrene spheres. Perfect for educational, decorative, or promotional purposes, these spheres are a testament to our craftsmanship, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality.


  • Customisable to a range of sizes and densities
  • Ideal for construction, insulation, or creative projects

Embrace the versatility of our polystyrene blocks. Customisable to various sizes and densities, they are your trusted companion for construction, insulation, or creative projects, delivering a blend of strength, insulation, and creativity.


  • Available in various thicknesses and densities
  • Ideal for insulation, crafting, or packaging solutions

Experience the flexibility of our polystyrene sheets. Available in various thicknesses and densities, they are the go-to choice for insulation, crafting, or packaging solutions, offering durability and versatility.

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Your Vision, Our Expertise:

At Fast Shield, we go beyond merely providing products; we partner with you to bring your visions to life. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction from conception to delivery. Embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and excellence with Fast Shield as your trusted polystyrene solutions provider. Your voyage towards creating captivating and eco-friendly polystyrene creations begins here. Reach out now, and let’s craft the path to your project’s success together!